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PARASITE INC. (25/07/22)

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The German band is about to release its new record on August 19th. You might want to check them out!

Hi guys, can you please quickly introduce your band for our audience and those who don’t know Parasite Inc. yet?

Kai Bigler (vocals/guitar): Hey we are Parasite Inc. from Germany. We play fast-paced metal with mostly harsh vocals and a strong love for catchiness. So if you’re looking for a good combination of metal and synth then you might wanna give us a listen. 

Cyan Night Dreams, what’s the meaning of this album title and does it reflect the 2 year-pandemic we all went through?

Kai: Cyan Night Dreams is a pun of the original song title “Cyanide Dreams” and has no real meaning. On second thought it’s almost kinda funny that the song’s name that works with a wish and dream topic got changed into something different. It puts the whole thing into a context of “what you wish for and what you get”. At least the title is not related to the pandemic.

The album is described as “The new output is thereby both harder and softer, at the same time faster and slower, more modern and yet more 80s is, than the predecessors” but it looks like a diverse record. How did you define and manage to bring new sounds/a new approach here and there without altering what’s Parasite Inc.’s music is about?

Lucien Mosesku (bass): Everything we have done on our sophomore album Dead And Alive (2018) was always there on our debut record but just in another arrangement, and so it is for the new one. We always had synthies in our music and there we’re also clean vocals, but they we’re mixed in the background on the first album. So we tried to find another way to bring all the elements to its limits and so we did for Cyan Night Dreams. There we’re clean vocals (as main vocals) on songs like “Empty Streets” or “Dead And Alive” and also live-hits, like “Sunset Overdrive” had some cleans in the backing vocals. We just adjust the mixture of every single aspect for every single song. But if you have a close listen to the record, there are songs on it, we started writing in 2012 and just finished them in 2021, so it’s the perfect mixture between our debut and our current state.

“Under Broken Skies” is a great example of those new sounds. Can you tell us more about those experiments and the way to associate them with melodic death metal? 

Kai: Melodic Death Metal is a very elastic term and for me it was always the definition of metal music that brings together melodic and aggressive aspect with harsh vocals and often “unusual” instruments like synthesizers e.g. “Under Broken Skies” unifies the above mentioned with a lot of new elements like drum-and-bass-layers, synthesized vocals and fast glitch effects and thereby adds another facet to the sound of Parasite Inc.

What was the most challenging thing during the process? (studio, writing, other)

Kai: The entire production of an album is always a challenge. Starting from scheduling to song-writing, to recording, mixing. It’s difficult to point one process out but maybe this time the mixing process was the biggest challenge for us. It was the first time that we gave away the mixing and we had no experience with that.

Your top 3 tracks.

Lucien: “Cyan Night Dreams” – This song combines everything what this band has to offer right at the moment: it’s heavy, it’s melodic, it’s 80’s, it’s a banger!

“Function Or Perish” – I really loved that “At The Gates Vibe” since I heard that song for the first time like 10 years ago, and it’s still stuck in my head, even before I joined the band.

“Into Destruction” – This was the last song that was written for our upcoming record, so you may need to stream or buy the album, or join some live shows, but this one is so much fun to play!

Kai: “Into Destruction” because of the catchy chorus, “Under Broken Skies” because it’s such a cool track with a lot of new elements, “Follow The Blind” because it’s just the darkest song we’ve written so far. 

We saw that you also have a Patreon profile. How did you have the idea to engage with your fans this way? How’s your look on Social media as a whole?

Lucien: We started Patreon in early March 2021. No one could tell when we were able to perform live again at that particular time. We are a band that has a very close relationship with the fans and to offer them some special content and some reward for their support was the best way to get in touch with them and of course, without the financial support of our Patrons this album wouldn’t have been possible like that. And we already met some of them in person at the very few shows we had since COVID and we really had a blast with all of them!