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MONUMENTS (27/05/14)

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A quick interview with Chris Barretto, Monuments’ lead singer, a few weeks before the release of their new record “The Amanuensis”.

Hello how are you?

Chris Barretto (vocals): Hello! I am quite delirious, but thanks for inquiring words-on-screen.

Your new album will be out next month, ready?

C: Cannot be more ready. I’m so fucking ready. I stepped on throats to be this ready.

So what’s behind “The Amanuensis”? What does it refer to?

C: The Amanuensis title itself refers to a character from the novel/movie “Cloud Atlas”. An Amanuensis is someone who dictates what another has said or written. So, in my imagination, The amanuensis is whoever is listening to the record. He or she is dictating, at least experientially, the story that is behind the record and the lyrics. It’s a rather in depth story that I’ll be sure to explain officially once the record has been released.

What were the guidelines for this record? What about the process?

C: Well i guess the real guidelines for the record were keep it honest, keep it real, and write/play from the heart. We didn’t have a lot of time to write this record as we had deadlines to maintain with our label and our management, so that was an interesting external challenge. The process was a bit hellish at times, thinking that we didn’t have enough time, and the record is certainly not perfect. But, for the short amount of time that we did have, I must say that I’m proud of the work that we accomplished. We managed to keep it a bit raw, natural, and funky sounding. Vocally, it’s gone to a different place than the previous inceptions of Monuments as well. So it’s a good start for the future of the band.

Your music is very diverse, how do you condense all your influences during writing sessions for example?

C: Kinda like i said before. We just write as honestly as possible. Browne is gonna write some heavy shit sometimes, sometimes it’s pretty. The bass keeps it funky and provides a solid spine for the band. Mike is grooving hard and letting all his stuff shine through. Olly wrote some awesome chorus riffs this time around. And I just let my MJ influence come through and wrote accordingly to what felt good. In the end, it all just kind of meshed without trying to force anything.

Which 3 tracks could describe the best the record?

C: For me, i would say “Atlas”, “Saga City”, and “Garden Of Sankhara” (tied with “I, The Destroyer”). Between those tunes, you are literally getting the full spectrum of a modern, sonic metal experience. It goes from one extreme to another and does so without hesitation or apprehensiveness.

What’s next with you guys? Touring I suppose?

C: Yep. We’ve got a few tours lined up right now, including our first US tour and our debut at the legendary Download festival. We can’t wait to play that festival and then finally get a chance to meet the American fans!

A specific band with whom you’d like to tour?

C: Might as well shoot big. Soundgarden, Slipknot, Deftones, Sevendust would be sick. Hell even our boys in After the Burial, Dead Letter Circus, and Twelve Foot Ninja would be just as sick. But maybe… (laughs)

Are there any place in the world where you’d like to play? Exotic places?

C: Sure. Thailand, Australia, Hawaii, Africa. Hell, I’ll do a gig in Baghdad if we got the offer…and it was good!

A final word?

C: We love you all! Tell your family, tell your friends, tell them to tell their friends, bring all the ass and titties to get smanged by that good dick and come party with us when we’re in your area! Show your support as well and pick up your copy of “The Amanuensis”, out on June 23rd in Europe and July 8th in the states. CHEH!

Finally, we are RockUrLife, so what rocks your life?

C: Fit women man. Fit. Fucking. Women. So get it in my knicker.