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LIGHTS (12/10/12)

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Due to a problem with her time schedule, we weren’t able to interview the Canadian singer when she was in Paris before her show on September 26th. She answered our questions via email, and she promised we would meet next time she’s coming in the French capital.

Last time you came in Paris, you were the support act for Owl City. What do you remember from this show?
Lights : That was the smallest show of the tour, but probably the most fashionable! Paris is a very interesting city, I wish someday I could come when I’m not on tour and actually have time to enjoy it.

This time in Paris you shared the stage with Chew Lips. What were your impressions from the show and your connection with the French audience?
L : I was pleasantly surprised at how many people were there for me, you never know when it’s a co-bill, who is coming for who. I only found out when I went out to merch and was surrounded by a plethora of beautiful French folks.

On the 4th of October we’ll celebrate the first anniversary of your last record, “Siberia”. How could you sum up this past year?
L : This past year has been phenomenal, just seeing what “Siberia” has done for my fan base and my band, it’s taken us on five overseas tours just this year, plus countless more shows within our continent. I’m so blessed to be able to make music I’m proud of and see growth and success.

Thanks to your music you can travel around the world, you recently went to Australia for the first time. Is there a place (where you’ve never been) you’d love to play?
L : I’ve been looking forward to playing in Japan someday. I love the culture and hear great things about crowds there, would love to see how my music goes over there.


You got to travel a lot during your childhood, how do you use these memories as an inspiration for your compositions?
L : I was fortunate enough to get a good grasp on the realities of the world outside of my home, and harsh realities some of them are. It’s warmed my heart and affected my lyrics and my life and my involvement with organizations like World Vision to this day. I’m very thankful I can do what I do.

Where do you prefer composing the most (on the road or at home)? Is there a specific moment during the day where you feel most inspired?
L : In home or in the studio with lots of toys are where I’m most creative. On the road it is very hard for me to write, unless I’m extremely distraught and I need to crack a song as therapy. Inspiration can come any time, but unfortunately I get most of my ideas when I can’t sleep and I’m laying in bed. That’s when your mind is least logical, a great place creatively.

More generally, what inspires you?
L : Fantasy art, other electronic music, good song writing, new sounds, emotions, experiences and phrases that roll off the tongue.

You did a cover of Blondie’s “Heart Of Glass” on stage. Was Debbie Harry an influence for you? And why covering that song in particular?
L : Getting to channel Debbie Harry on stage is a huge thrill, she’s so naturally sexy and cool. It helps my stage vibe, learning how to walk like someone I respect a lot. We chose to play that song because it’s so happy and has a groove that not many of my songs have, it’s a nice change of pace in the set, not to mention a great song.


Which artists inspired you, during your childhood and now?
L : Long time inspiration for me came from Supertramp and The Cars, bands that my dad got me into at a young age. A little later I gained a huge respect for Bjork, for doing it just the way she wants and she is undeniably herself.

What are your favorites songs, artists and albums at the moment?
L : Beach House, Pink Floyd and Com Truise have been on heavy rotation for me lately. A song that currently is just getting at me is called “Maybe You” by Saint Lou Lou.

You post quite often on the internet, and especially videos on YouTube. Do you spend some time watching videos of other artists online, do you discover new talents? If so, could you recommend us someone?
L : I don’t necessarily look for artists online (I’ve been getting my recommendations from fellow musicians and friends right now) but many a conversation has led to watching funny videos on YouTube. Like all the shreds videos. I almost split my sides every time.

You also posted a lot of acoustic versions of your songs online. It’s been rumored you’d record an acoustic version of the album “Siberia”. Is it true?
L : Time will tell!


A few years back, you wrote a song for the TV show “Instant Star”. Would you like to compose a song for another show, or even for a movie?
L : I’d love to! Given the opportunity I would love to try composing for video games or shows and movies. It’s exciting to take a break from your own work and create from a different angle.

Do you have some ideas already for the next record?
L : Starting to brainstorm direction. I have one more tour yet before the year is done then I will hole up for the new album.

Where do you see yourself in 10 years?
L : Couple more records, maybe a kid, running a studio and tattoo shop out of my home, living in British Columbia. But that’s just dreams…

The name of our website is “RockYourLife!”. What is actually rocking your life?
L : My new Nord Electro and this bubble game where you pop bubbles on my iPad. Oh, and this iced coffee I’m drinking.


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