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HATEBREED (19/04/16)

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Among the output of their new album “The concrete Confessional”, Rock Ur Life had the pleasure to do a Skype interview with Frank Novinec, guitarist of Hatebreed, just before his flight for Europe.

How are you?

Frank Novinec (guitar): You, how are you?

Yes fine thanks! So your new album “The Concrete Confessional” will be released on May 13th, how do you feel?

Frank: Good, it’s been three years since our next record so it’s time. We failed a long break on the road and we’re actually flight up in Europe tomorrow, so I’m excited to be playing again.

Sometimes, music label ask for one album each year, did you have some pressure for this one?

Frank: No, because, I feel like in the 60’s, 70’s, 80’s, bands were putting a record once year, but now rock music industry the way it is, you aren’t getting a lot of money from your record, labels because people were down to get a record, we’re not getting a support from label so I think cause money is on the road, so we have to rocking a tour. Bands goes all over the world, every record, if you put off a record, we go in Europe 12 times in 3 years, we tour in the States 4 times in 3 years. We go in South America, we go in Australia, New Zeland, Africa, Mexico, Canada. All in that three years. So by the time, we’ve go in all that places 3 years ago in by and that’s the sound it is. I feel like you need to make the people angry for the record anyway, let it be, let the last album sound for three years and get people angry for this new material.

Can we say this music style won’t never be boring?

Frank: I hope my music gonna live on. That’s one of the awesome thing that we do well I think the reason why it is because the lyrics and the meaning behind songs is more than just headbanging. A band like Hatebreed, when you read the lyrics are very inspirational, and it’s very uplifting, people use lyrics to better themselves in our lives, whether they going through a tough time, somebody in your family, death or whether it’s just somebody who’s taking the music jam, working out every morning, something like that. I think that because the music is more than just noise, that’s the reason why it will last longer and why being around for quiet sometimes, which is cool, that’s much better and more fun for us to go out and do it for the people that’s making our lives awesome.

What is the atmosphere of this new album?

Frank: I think that it’s recorded like our Hatebreed records, it’s very fast, it’s very aggressive, but Hatebreed is grown from a band from the bases of America hardcore scene, and cross over into the metal scene, and punk scene, even rock scene. This is where we able to come and play, huge festivals and be on mainstage and play in front of these different fans of musics and do well. And maybe go out on tour, opening for bigger rock bands. I think we all try to keep it universal, we have to think about all these things when we make a record: the people, the different variety of our fanbase. But we have to make ourselves happy too. And we also have to make it sound like Hatebreed without changes it too much. It’s very hard to do, and it’s a very fine line we have to work. And after 21-22 years to be a band, it’s staff so I think we did a good job with it and unfortunately we had a very long break from tour and we will able to have a decent time from our record.

We really loved “Looking Down The Barrel Of Today”, do you have a favorite song on this album?

Frank: Yes, I think it’s probably one of the best. We made a video for that song, so we’re actually on this video cause the last one who came out was just a lyric video so look for that coming out. And I appreciate you listening to the album and support the band, we’re definitely loving France and we’re looking to our show to Paris and Hellfest. We will see everybody there.



What are the inspiration of your hate today?

Frank: I think the things that make me angry now are probably different from the things who made me angry when I was 19. When I was 19 or 18, maybe somebody at school made me angry, now it’s the government, or the neightbour, or something like the television. (laughs) But the thing is positive aggression Hatebreed, you go to concerts, and get out aggression you feel relieved when you live, get something off of your chest. It’s all about fun, it’s not about hurting ourselves or hurting anybody.

What is going wrong today for you, social context or something like this?

Frank: No, not really except that I have any good fine about packing for Europe and I leave tomorrow. 4 or 5 hours doing press but no, it’s fine I mean that’s the worst of my problems so I’m in a good place, there’re nothing really boring me now, I was in doctor today, they dilated my eyes, I was blind for 3 hours, when I came back and I was looking up your contact for my Skype interview today I was like an old man trying to see and copy the name, I didn’t think about this today I was like “oh my God I have to get back this interview”. (laughs) It’s fine, I mean i’’s one of my worst problem. I can’t complain, my life is quiet good,

What is the next plan for the near future?

Frank: Tour the world for 3 years.

3 years again before the next album?

Frank: Yeah, I mean, our record coming out in May 13th so we tour for 3 years. We have festivals coming up, certainly Hellfest’s coming up. Tha’’s my favorite festival in this entire world place, I’m looking forward to coming back to Hellfest in France. I love it, this is my favorite festival in the world. So I’m glad, we were back in festivals again and we shot a couple of videos, there’re one which gonna be released, so it’s coming up as well, a lot of interviews.

When will we see you in France for a headline show?

Frank: I know that we gonna come back and do smaller shows all over France, do club shows. But I think right now, it will be in summer, I think it’s mostly festival right now. Because we come over there for 2 weeks and we have, I think about 14 shows. And I come back here, and we have a month long tour in the States and then I’m home two days only and I go back to Europe. I believe Hellfest is in June 17th. So we’re coming back in June for Hellfest. But after that we will booking a lot of shows. Headlining all over the country.

Last question, our traditional one: as ou website is called “RockUrLife”, what rocks your life?

Frank: What rocks my life? I dont know (laughs), it’s probably, to me, the music rocks my life. Music is a part of our lives, taking everywhere we go. I can’t imagine my life without music. Music is a great thing and it’s all about how it makes you feel and you know my life is rock, it is music. People often say “do you consider Hatebreed as a metal band?” We’re still hardcore, but I say it’s all rock n’roll to me. I don’t try to divide it up, it’s all awesome, it’s all great, I appreciate all. But when you say “rock your life”, I dont know. I can’t really answer to that. Is that a good answer?

Yes, so we’re waiting for you here. Thanks you.

Frank: My pleasure, thank you very much for the interview RockUrLife, and Hatebreed loves France!