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DECAPITATED (21/06/17)

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A few weeks ago, RockUrLife met Decapitated’s guitar player Waclaw “Vogg” Kieltyka to tell us more about “Anticult” which came out on July 7th.

“Anticult” is coming out in two weeks. What is your state of mind right now?

Vogg: I’m pretty excited to release another album as usual. Knowing that people are waiting for our album is an incredible feeling. We already had quite a lot of comments on the first two songs we released “Earth Scar” and “Never”. We found that there were very good reactions. I am delighted. I do not have any stress at all about the new album. Everything is going well.

Can you tell us more about the writing and recording processes?

Vogg: The writing took us about a year. I worked mainly on my own, in fact I had quite a few ideas that I put in common with those of Michal Lysejko (drums). He helped me a lot with the arrangements of the songs. After we had the 8 songs ready, we worked on the bass arrangements in the studio. And before the studio, we worked on the vocal parts. So we were 100% ready before going to the studio. Of course, we still had quite a lot to do in the studio like the guitar solo, for example. We then recorded the drums, which took us between 8 and 9 days. Then we changed the studio to record vocals, bass and guitar parts. Then we sent our demos in Sweden to Daniel Bergdstrand (Meshuggah, Behemoth) who mixed us all this. Basically, that’s how it happened. I could say so much more but we would need more time.

Very good. So, can you tell us a secret about “Anticult” or tell us something that we would have never guessed about it?

Vogg; Interesting question! Actually, I can not say if there is a secret we are trying to hide in our songs. Our main idea was to make a good album of extreme metal with different songs and an incredible production. We did not want the album to be too long. The album lasts about forty minutes, which is the perfect time to deliver the main ideas we had in mind. I’m very proud of this album. The secret would be… (thinking)… that there is no secret. There is only the truth that emanates from Anticult. We really followed our own style. We can very clearly recognize that these are our songs.

This is your seventh album. Where do you find the inspiration?

Vogg: This is a difficult question. Inspiration is everywhere around us, not just in music. Life itself is inspiring. I am very inspired by my family, by my children. They put me in a good mood and make me feel good to compose. They motivate me to make powerful music, powerful and extreme. I do not know what would inspire me at the moment. Bands such as Gojira can also inspire me. There are a lot of bands – metal and not metal – that I listen to every day. Everything I hear can actually inspire me. I feel that everything can give me inspiration, even the breakfast or coffee could inspire me. (laughs)

Do you still work with Lux Occulta?

Vogg: Oh yes, always! But the band is not existing at the moment. It’s the kind of band you know, like when you think it’s the right time, we just call each other and decide to come back with new songs. We released our last album three years ago, I guess, called “Kolysanki”. It was not a metal album, but more alternative mixed with folk and several different styles. It was very interesting. But we have not done any concerts for several years and I do not know if we will continue this group. We’ll see, we never know.

You said during your set at Hellfest that Decapitated was 20 years old. Happy Birthday! Have you planned to do something special to celebrate your 20 years?

Vogg: We are trying to change our setlist with older songs. We try to please the old fans, which is why we still play songs like “Day 69”, or “Post Organic” and other older songs. Some do not like our new style and our latest album, and of course I can understand. So to satisfy all the fans of Decapitated we decided to play old songs but also a few songs from “Blood Mantra”.

If you met someone who had never heard about Decapitated and you had to recommend a song from your whole discography to sum up the band’s music, which one would you choose?

Vogg: I would have several songs to recommend. It depends on the guy, if he wears a Cannibal Corpse T-shirt, I’d suggest he listen to a song from “The Negation” or “Winds Of Creation”. But if he has a Meshuggah or Pantera or Fear Factory T-shirt, I would tell him more to listen to “Blood Mantra” or “Organic Hallucinosis”. I don’t really know, I think that “Organic Hallucinosis” is the album of cesure between the old style of Decapitated and the new one. So I would definitely say “Post Organic”.

If you could collaborate with an artist of a background totally different from yours, who would you choose?

Vogg: So not metal?


Vogg: Probably Dead Can Dance. I love this band. But this is not possible I know. Anyway, everything is possible. Yeah, actually I should email them like “hi, do you want to collaborate with Decapitated?”. (laughs)

What are your best moments on tour?

Vogg: The best moments are always before the concert, a few minutes before the show, when we wait to go on stage. When we feel this emotion and adrenaline, this is one of the best feelings. After the concert also, if you think that the concert was great, that you had a lot of fun and the crowd as well, it is a great feeling. And what else? I do not know! Talk to people and meet new people. All the moments on tour are cool. I love travelling. I’m never tired of touring, I always have things to do, I’m always busy. It’s my natural element. I feel good on tour.

So you’d rather be on tour than being in the studio?

Vogg: Oh yes right! Definitely!

You are going to tour in the United States in the fall. Do you have the feeling that the American crowd is different from the european one?

Vogg: Yes of course, it’s a little different you know. The culture is different, the food too, the Americans are different. I do not know how to explain this difference. For example, the French public is very enthusiastic and completely crazy during the show, it is a bit similar with the Americans. It’s a very good audience. The fans are insane. I love playing in every countries, even in front of people who don’t have any reaction. But yes, there are always different reactions in the audience, but most of them are crazy and lovely. Every metalheads is special and different from other fans.

Finally, we are “RockUrLife”, so what rocks your life?

Vogg: At the moment? My kids. They rock! They rock my life everytime. I’m going crazy because of them. It’s too much energy. But I still get to have time for myself.