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CROBOT (27/10/14)

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Joined by mail, one of Nuclear Blast’s recent signatures answered to a few questions with the release of their second full album, “Something Supernatural”.

Hello, how are you?

Doing great!

First can you introduce us Crobot in a few words for our readers please.

Dirty. Groove. Rock

Is there something behind the word “Crobot”?

Yeah, it’s Toborc backwards.

Your second album is now out, you must be really proud of it right?

Absolutely, we had a lot of fun writing the songs and recording the album.

How did your collaboration with Nuclear Blast Records happen?

Our US record label Wind-Up Records solidified that deal for us. We’re extremely excited about working with Nuclear Blast as we’ve all been huge fans of that label since we’ve been kids.

Nowadays, there are tons of bands playing “vintage” way, aren’t you afraid to get classified this way?

We don’t really care how people classify us. Once you start focusing on what people think, you run the risk of compromising the sound.  We do this all for selfish reasons really. We love Crobot. We’re incredibly grateful for the continuous support of our fans, but we don’t talk about what we do before we enter the writing room. What you hear is Crobot and whatever label you want to put on it for your sonic Rolodex is fine by us! We actually enjoy hearing how people classify us.

Which three tracks could describe the best your new album? And why?

“Skull Of Geronimo” is the Crobot nutshell song to me.  It weaves in and out of our sonic spectrums and encompasses our dirtiness and grooviness simultaneously. “La Mano De Lucifer” is another side of what we can do. That song just fell together through many jam sessions and it was one of the songs that didn’t really change at all from pre-production to the finished work. Finally, “Night Of The Sacrifice” wonders around the funkiness of what we’re all about.  The riffs, the grooves, and the melodies of this one are my favourite elements of our sound.

I found the sound a bit over compressed, what kind of vibe did you want technically?

I disagree. Machine and Paul Logan did a great job on our album and sonically it sounds great on all mediums. Of course, we’d much rather you listen to our album on vinyl than on mp3, but across the board it hits the mark of what we wanted. We put a lot of faith in Machine’s technical intelligence and it certainly paid off. We were worried that the rawness of our live show wouldn’t be captured, but the team did a great job grasping that.

Which bands did you listen lately? Maybe Blues Pills?

Blues Pills are awesome!  Graveyard is another great band that we are huge fans of. Monster Truck, Truckfighters, Only Living Boy, and The Giraffes are all great band that if you haven’t heard you should check out.

Are you a social media addict? What do you think of its prominence nowadays?

We aren’t addicts but it is a great way to stay in touch with the fans. It keeps us connected and keeps things more personal with our Beardos and that’s pretty cool. 

What’s your ultimate dream as a musician?

I want to be the first band to play a show on the moon.

So, what are your next plans?

We’re going to keep touring the wheels off of our van. We have a tour with Chevelle in the US in December, we’ll be aboard Shiprocked headed for the Bahamas, and have a US tour with Volbeat and Anthrax coming up next year along with some other tours.

Finally we are “RockUrLife”, so what rocks your life?

Riffs!  There’s nothing better than a healthy diet of riffs!