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Few hours before his show, the first at Solidays on Sunday June 24, the british “hobo” did a serie of press. We have the opportunity to spent a short moment with the musician.

Hi Charlie! How are you today?

Charlie Winston : Very well thank you.

How goes the tour?

C : Great! Busy. I don’t have much time to relax but that’s fine, that’s part of my job.

Is it your first time in Solidays?

C : Yes !

Did you know the idea of this festival behind it before joining the line up?

C : I knew it was to raise awareness for aids, HIV.

In which way do you feel involve in such a cause that is the battle against AIDS?

C : By being somebody whose in the public eye, who can bring awareness to people, by having my name on the list of people that play. People come to the festival so they learn more about. I’m a candidate, i’m helping people.

I read that you’ll also take part in a private show for Micro World Organization tomorrow. Are you this kind of engaged musician?

C : I try to be. I mean, like I said, I’m in a position in the public eye, so I have a power, a kind of power, not in a negative sense but in a positive sense. Well, depending of how to use my power, by have some power to open doors to people. So I choose to use it in a best way at the best time. I mean, i can’t do it all the time every day it’s not conducive, it’s not possible. When the time is right and when I can, i take part in something then I do.

Do you think music can be a way to send a positive message to people?

C : Definitely! It should be but it can be a way to send a very negative message to people as well. It’s just a channel. Some people can listen to a song and have a very negative reaction to that song when other people have a positive reaction to that song. I think the most important thing about music is not whether it’s positive or negative, because positivity and negativity is just perception. In fact, music is empathy. You can listen to Radiohead and say Radiohead is very depressing but another person can feel a more positive feeling because they share the same feeling, the same emotion. So I think it’s just a canvas, it’s a base upon which you project your feelings onto it.

What would be the message behind your show?

C : A mixture of opposites. My album is called “Running Still” so it’s an oxymore and a lot of the themes I have in my life but especially in this record, are opposites. I think the theme of my show is not one thing. In fact, there is no one theme, I’m human and I have emotions of high and low.

Which bands would you like to see today on the festival?

C : Actually, I don’t know who’s playing today.


C : Oh yeah, so i’ll watch later. I don’t know their music so…

What do you prefer healine shows or festivals?

C : It’s just different. I mean with festivals, I get to see other artists, i get to see a lot of people, fast time, but in my own shows, i get to create more on my own, my own world, my own universe. It’s just a different discipline.

What is your best memories of a festival?

C : I don’t really have a good memory so I don’t remember anything.

What are you planning for the months to come?

C : It’s all planned! (laugh) I don’t have very much time, I’ll do a lot of things!

Except touring?

C : It’s just touring actually. I’m going to Russia, I’m going to Portugal, I’m going to obviously France, I don’t remember but mostly festivals this summer.

Last question: as the same of our website is “RockYourLIfe!”, what rock your life?

C : Freedom! Freedom of self expression. For me, it’s very important.

I can see pins on your suit, it is the punk part of Charlie Winston?

C : Yeah!

Is it a tribute to punk’s spirit?

C : Punk’s spirit, it’s the same as freedom when I say “Freedom”. I think punk is about anarchy, but anarchy in the most positive sense, about not being a victim to common order. By wearing this, I’m not suppose to do it to my clothes, I’m not suppose to cut holes in my clothes. I do it because i don’t like to be a slave to society.


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