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CALIBAN (20/02/14)

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Caliban’s new record “Ghost Empire” came out in January and RockUrLife spoke with Marc Görtz about it.

Hello how are you?

Marc Görtz (guitar): Hey I’m fine thanks.

So your new album is now available, what can expect the fans about “Ghost Empire”?

M: It’s in the same direction we took with “I Am Nemesis” just more consequent in that way.  We experimented more with the different types of vocals, so Andy is also now kinda screaming melodies sometimes, not just screaming. We tried that already at the last album, but his voice wasn’t ready by that time.

The previous record “I Am Nemesis” was well received, were there any differences in the process for “Ghost Inside” comparing to “I Am Nemesis”?

M: This time we recorded vocals first on the preproduction, followed up by guitars and bass and drums were recorded last. It’s maybe a bit unusual, but this way we kept all options open for the vocals and could match everything else after to it. In the past we recorded it the traditional way and then later when it came to the vocals we found maybe nicer melodies or rhythms to sing, but then it was all set in stone already because it was all recorded at this point and not to change anymore.

In the press bio, you say that you use riffs that you did in the past, collecting them etc. How did you choose to use this or that on the next record? How do you decide of the theme/sound/color of the future release?

M: I make a new collection of riffs for each record. I never use stuff which I didn’t take for a previous album that stuff goes straight to the bin. Because if it wasn’t good enough for the last album, it’s for sure not good enough for the new one. Each time I start writing an album, first I collect riffs and write down song ideas, and later when I really sit down writing I go through all that stuff and see what I like best and what is special in my opinion. I haven’t thought about the new album yet, I always need a break of writing between two albums of like 9-12 month before I really start making new songs for us. What helps me being creative in the meanwhile is, that I produce, record and mix other bands in my studio.

What was/were the hardest things to do on this album?

M: To be better that “I Am Nemesis” because that album raised the bar really high for us in our opinion. So tons of songs went to the trash, but in the end I’m more than happy with the result. It’s very very detailed, so each time you listen you discover maybe something new. And it’s not easy to bring all those pieces together. So the recording took very long.

So you’re facing someone and your mission is to introduce him your new record, which tracks will you suggest him to listen?

M: Probably “chaos-creation” but probably only because it’s my favorite track together with “I Am Ghost”, no other reason really.

If you had to define “Ghost Inside” in three words.

M: Heavy, melodic, atmospheric.

How did Matt Heafy, from Trivium, end up to guest on “Falling Downwards”?

M: We know Trivium since a very long time when we played shows together like ten years ago or something when both bands were still on Lifeforce Records and became friends and every now and then saw them on festivals etc. But we became much closer friends after we did a five week tour together with them. On this tour they actually were just in the middle in writing their new album, we started right after that tour as well. when we met again later on some festival, we talked about the status on both of our new albums etc. He really liked the stuff I sent to him as well, so we thought there are a few spots where he could fit in really perfect. So we asked him and was straight away on board and totally into it and came around with a ton of ideas.

You like to have some guests on some tracks, are there singers with whom you’d like to work?

M: It needs to be the right person for the right song that is really important for us. Just pick some great singer randomly makes no real sense to us. So it’s hard to say who we would like to work with, there are many amazing musicians out there. It’s also important to us that we have some kind of connection to this person.

By the way, what’s your opinion regarding the current extreme metal scene? Which bands do you listen to? (Youngers bands, new generation)

M: Hard to say because I listen to tons of stuff. One of a younger band I really enjoy listening to at the moment is Dream On Dreamer.

What are your next plans?

M: Nothing but touring as far as it comes to the band. Beside of that I could use a holiday (laughs).

Finally, we are “RockUrLife”, so what rocks your life dude?

M: Well first of my wife and besides that I really enjoy cooking and going to see movies with my friends, I read a lot and I love my PlayStation 4!