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BLACK PEAKS (23/10/18)

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2 years after their first record, Black Peaks is back with a beautiful sophomore record “All That Divides”. A few hours before their show in Paris, we had the chance to have a little chat with Will, singer of the british band.

Hi Will! Welcome back! Your last time in Paris was pretty cool. (ed. Black Peaks opened for A Perfect Circle during the European leg of the legendary band’s tour)

Will Gardner (vocals): Yeah! It was very very cool! (laughs) It was a big night for us. We’ve only played in Paris once before this show, at La Boule Noire, but that time was like: “Pfiouuuuuu”. There was a lot of tension before the show with the staff and stuff but, the show was so good. I think it was a really good performance for us, and the audience was very welcoming. We heard that the audience in Paris was a bit difficult, especially for the opening bands, but it went so well. I saw many people on the “balcon” that stood up and gave us applause. It was amazing.

How many shows did you played with A Perfect Circle and, how was it to experience those guys?

Will: We did 5 shows I think. And it was amazing yes. We learned so much from that experience, more than any other tour. The bar for us is set so high now. We want to sound and look perfect, way more perfect than before. We want our production to be at a very high level. It is difficult to achieve. But when you watch their shows every night, you approach perfection.

Did you had the chance to hang out with the band?

Will: Yes! Except Maynard of course. They were amazing. In Paris, we talked about the Bataclan because two of them were there that night. It was really moving for them to play in Paris again. It was crazy to talk with those guys but, they are so chills, they are very cool.

If you have to pick one thing that you learned from touring with huge bands, what would it be?

Will: My favorite is with the band Karnivool. We met them at the Sonisphere. And the guys told to us wherever you go you have to value your time as a human being. If you know that you’re good, that you’re a nice person and it’s like anybody there is nasty to you. Like if you’re coming to band, no matter how huge they are, and you’re saying: “hello, nice to meet you” and they ignore you. They are not worth your time. You have to value yourself as an important person. I think we tried to do that as much as possible, we are always very respectful of bigger bands who we play with. And, most of the time, they are very nice. There is only a few people that are not very cool but, it’s ok. Zakk Wylde was not very cool, we said: “Hi” and he was like: “Fuck off guys!” (laughs)



Let’s talk about this new record “All That Divides” now. What a welcoming! How do you feel about those very positive reactions?

Will: It’s obviously really cool. It’s so exciting, especially outside of England. It’s like: “what more could we want?”. We are seeing people from other countries telling to us: “please come in our country!” and stuff. It’s so cool. Most of people are doing like “normal” things, they have their jobs and stuff but, it’s like we succeed to connect with people from the other side of the world, it’s amazing. Even as close as Paris is from our city, it’s awesome.

Was it something that you felt when you did the record? That you were doing a record that could be loved by people.

Will: I think so. We put a lot of heart, soul and love into making it. We worked very hard, getting together and we felt that it was special, that nobody else were sounding like this in a way. That’s something really cool and exciting. But, let’s see where it goes, I don’t know how is to going to be. I want to play to the fucking Hellfest (laughs)!

Yeah, it was one of our next question, do you have plans for next summer festivals?

Will: Yeah, we have some, but I can’t tell you which one yet. We want to play in every good festival. We want to play at the Hellfest. Oh, and we want to play in Rock En Seine too! It’s such a crossover for bands, you have some rock bands, some hip hop artists. I think it’s a good place for us. I think it’s a really important festival, especially because of the young audience that could discover us through it.



What was the main idea behind the record?

Will: I think for the first time we wanted to talk and say something like: “what the fuck is going on.” (laughs) Looking around us in the world and we’re like, how could fucking Le Pen, or Trump. What? Quoi?! (laughs) How in 2018 is it possible? And then you think that there are very rich people who have a lot of money to control people and government. You saw that, and you saw that happening and you can’t breathe. We’re not preaching, it’s just us, it’s a reaction. Musically, we are taking those things and condensing into our songs and this is our gift! (laughs) It’s a lot of “what if”. Hopefully people will listen and, feel something, or maybe they can feel relief, then we win for one minute. Also, bringing all of these people together and make them think, talk to each other, it’s really important. Especially in Europe, especially in Great Britain. We have to talk to each other as much as possible.

You guys are coming from Brighton, like Architects, like Royal Blood, like The Kooks, Nick Cave lives there too. What’s going on with your city guys?

Will: (laughs) Yes! There’s a real melting pot of very interesting people there. There’re many opportunities to see very good music, in many different styles. I’m a jazz saxophonist when I’m not in this band. And I play jazz every time in Brighton because there is music every time and everywhere in the city. And everybody loves drugs! (laughs) You have many things to explore, lot of left-wing ideas people. A big music community and the city is very encouraging about all of those things.



To conclude, our website is called “RockUrLife”, so what rocks your life?

Will: What rocks my life… This tour rocks my life! Before we had to focus on so many things while being on the road but now, it’s just having fun with my friends and making music, it’s so cool. We have three crews with us time so it way more easy this time.




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