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BEARTOOTH (01/11/15)

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Beartooth is back in Paris just before the beginning of the European tour with Bring Me The Horizon and PVRIS. We met Caleb Shomo in the tourbus and talked about the last crazy year.

Hi Caleb! Guess you landed yesterday in Paris, did you took time to visit the city?

Caleb Shomo (vocals): Not really no. I was so tired, I made a lot of promo, a lot of interviews. But I had the chance to visit the city a couple of other times in my life. It’s very cool, it’s a cool place.

You released “Disguting” last year and this is a big success. Was that something that you were expecting?

C: No, I did not expected us to be as big as we are today. I just kind of thought this was a fun project with which I could have a bit of fun whenever we have free time. It’s cool, I’m so stoked to be so busy and to play so many shows but it wasn’t expected.

How was it to tour with Slipknot?

C: Amazing! Slipknot! I mean, they’re one of my favorite band of all time, amazing band and great people. This wasn’t something that we were used to. We used to play in venue of 2000 people, for the biggest. There it was 6000 to 13 000 people! Much different but very cool. We were scared about their fans to be honest. They’re so die hard into Slipknot, it was sometimes intimidating to play for them. But at least, it was cool, I think they took to us. They were much more welcoming then I were expected.

We felt through the Beartooth music and through the lyrics that you are much more positive about life.

C: Yeah! It was kind of the point. The album is about me working through a lot of the stuff I was going through and try to find a way to figure it out. I was trying to work on some problems I was dealing with at this time.

And for the next record, what is going to be?

C: Oh I don’t know man! I just wrote a few songs for now and I think it will be more like “Pursuit Of Happiness” and just being content with myself. Lyrically, it will be a bit different. For the first album I was in a bad place mentally. And now, I’m happier that I’ve never been! So, it’s gonna be different. Maybe it will be about many different subjects. Not only about myself but I don’t know, childhood experience or discovering things.

We noticed that on “Disgusting”, there was a huge part of your lyrics about being misunderstood.

C: Oh yeah? I don’t know, I think it’s just the way that I write. I like to use very specific metaphors so, it could sound like I’m talking about a subject but, in reality, I’m talking about an another one! I think that everyone can interpret songs in the way that they want. My lyrics may speak to me in completely different way than it will speak to you!

Is that a goal for you to help people through your lyrics?

C: I don’t really have goal. My only goal would be to put myself on track before I help anyone or anything. But no, I don’t have like an agenda. The way that I write and the way that I am into the music is a very personal thing. And like I said before, it could speak to people in a certain way but, mainly, I’m looking for a way that it speaks to me. I saw many people having this savior complex, like Gods-amongst-men, saving lives and shit. I never saved a life, I’m not anyone savior, I’m not trying to be anyone’s role model, I just want to be a dude that writes music that I really enjoy. But if it does help somebody’s out, it’s super cool! And obviously I respect that very much and I’m really grateful for that. `

Is there songs or artists that helped you?

C: Oh yeah! Many songs and many artists. Slipknot’s lyrics are so agressive and fucked up. I love that! I don’t really know what it means to Corey but at the same time I like the energy of it, I like how it grips you and how it makes you feel.

What can we wish to you and Beartooth for the future?

C: Whoever wants to come check it out, come check it out but I just want it will be fun for everyone. I hope this will never be like a job, it’s always about passion.

Last question: our website is called “RockUrLife”, so what rocks your life?

C: “Domination” by Pantera! The break at the end of the song!


Nathan Le Solliec