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BATTLE BEAST (08/01/15)

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Battle Beast’s third album is available today in Europe! Noora Louhimo took a few minutes to answer RUL’s questions about “Unholy Savior”.

Hello Noora, how are you?

Noora Louhimo (vocals): I’m feeling great, heading to Düsseldorf recording a duet with a metal band called Crystal Ball and the next day start the five-week tour with Sabaton. We’ve been waiting for this tour since we met Sabaton the first time, so we are very excited!

Unholy Savior” is the band’s third album. What was the main idea around those new tunes?

N: This is sort of a concept album in Anton’s words. The songs mostly tell about Anton’s feelings and his experiences and his ”journey” that he has gone through the past year. As a songwriter Anton use simple riffs that works and write the music that comes out naturally.

In which state of mind were you before writing new music? The promo kit says that “it takes the band to a brand new level”, in which way?

N: Anton has been talking about the “journey”. In my experience, he has been through some kind of mental and spiritual awakening and tells very little about it to anyone. The new album definitely shows different emotional sides and brings out the diversity of Anton’s style. Our idea was also bring the diversity of my voice out more and the ballads will show some of it.

What was the most challenging during the process of this new release?

N: Stay sane! Doing an album is a painful process mentally and physically. I mean at least this was. The schedules, stress, arguments and health issues were constantly breathing to our necks. Good thing: WE DID IT!

A word about “Touch In The Night”? The vibe is kind of epic but the song is not really “metal”.

N: This band isn’t just one kind of a band. There is nothing wrong bringing out various sides of music and we are proud of it. “Touch In The Night has the Battle Beast flavor anyways and doesn’t mean we’re going to different direction in our straight forward heavy metal. “Touch In The Nightwill touch bigger audience and maybe some people who doesn’t listen heavy metal. Music is for everyone and we should embrace it! And by the way, the song is about the manga called Berserk.

It’s kind of the same with “Angel Cry” at the end. Why this choice to close the record with a calm and emotional song? What’s the story behind this track?

N: “Angel Cry” is the closure for this concept album. It is also a symbol for ending one chapter and starting another – in life, love or anything people experience within themselves.

How did the recording sessions go? How long did you put to fully record it?

N: The recordings were done in bits during last year but the vocal recordings were done last summer. It was pretty challenging doing the album because we had shows at the same time and the schedules had to be sorted with each band member.

Which three tracks could describe the best your new album? And why?

N: “Unholy Savior”: The ideal of this album. “Unholy Savior” possessing and protecting his dearest. Describing the landscape of Anton’s way of thinking for music he writes.

“Touch In The Night”: Is a song of Japanese manga series Berserk. Brings out the softer and diverse side of Battle Beast.

“Angel Cry”: A beautiful ballad full of emotions – The closure and farewell for one page in life, in this album. Shows some of the sensitive and passionate side of my voice pretty well.

How could you define Battle Beast in a few words for someone who didn’t heard of your band?

N: Intense, straightforward, exciting

Which bands did you listen lately?

N: Crystal Ball, Triosphere, Delain

What do you think of today’s metal scene? As a “new” band since a few years.

N: I think metal scene is getting new and old influences all the time and the new generation’s rolling hard. New talents will bring metal music in a whole new level in the next decade.

What’s the main difference between Battle Beast and the other bands?

N: There is no other band that does this like us, the Battle Beast way. Come and see!

How is it to be supported by Sabaton? We talked with Pär a few months ago and he was very convinced about Battle Beast.

N: Sabaton is an awesome group and we are very glad to know the guys. Love them!

Finally, we are “RockUrLife”, so what rocks your life?

N: Music, sex and good people. Take care and stay metal!